Dance fitness classes to help you tone and tighten whilst shaking what your mama gave ya!
Looking for a unique, show-stopping, sexy and silly party activity?!
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Classes last one hour and include strength and cardiovascular exercises, mixed in with dance tutorials, to really make you sweat. All this whilst listening to a mix of fresh and old-school RnB, Dancehall and Hip Hop!
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Looking for a unique, hilarious party activity? Want to learn how to TWERK, play fun games, perfect a routine and even attempt the HANDSTAND TWERK?
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Hayley - Founder

Hayley - Founder

Teaches: TWERKFit® , TWERKhoreo® , TWERKShop® & Parties.
Always a keen dancer, she originally created the TWERK IT OUT® idea in early 2014 after looking for a fun, different way to get more cardio into her fitness routine.


Teaches: West TWERKFit® & Parties.
Danz has been teaching since 2015 and has a Big Ol’ Booty that shakes for days…ask her to do a puppy tail feel your jaw drop.


Teaches: East & North Shore TWERKFit® & Parties.
Shelley is an ex-gymnast and is our handstand QUEEN! Anything bendy, balancey or upside downy....she can do!


Teaches: Parties.
Demi's isolations are on lock and last time we measured she could do them alternating at 76 kmph... pretty sure that's a world record!


Teaches: North Shore TWERKFit® & Parties
Abbi is proof that big things come in little packages and runs like a duracell battery! She has been attending classes for nearly two years and literally lives for twerking!









Calories per class

Twerk It Out NZ has changed my life. Before starting regular classes I was obsessed with my body fat, always pushing myself to keep it down so that little bit of cellulite at the back of my thighs wouldn't be there. I would worry about wearing shorts, dresses and was way too critical of myself, I was pushing myself into an unrealistic, unhappy and unhealthy state. I started dancing with my girls and realized I needed a lil jiggle to wiggle. The unity, non judgement and love these girls all share is beyond special. We rise by lifting others and when I'm with my twerk sistas I feel on top of the world ❤


TWERKFIT® Takapuna

I am totally addicted to the Twerk It Out classes and have come to as many as I can since the first class started . It's such an awesome high energy workout AND so much fun - this is a combo I never thought existed!!! The class has also helped me heaps with body confidence. The teachers make you feel comfortable about wherever your skill level is at as well . No judging , all inclusive and above all really enjoyable



Going to Twerk It Out is my favourite part of the week. I usually struggle to get motivated to exercise so I love being able to get an intense work out that doesn't 'feel' like a workout! I also don't have a strong background in dance and my fitness level isn't high but it's an incredibly supportive atmosphere, that accommodates and encourages everyone. Twerk It Out is so much fun - once you start you'll be hooked; my only regret is not starting it sooner!



I attended my very first TWERKFit®class with one of my besties over 2 years ago now. Wow, that actually sounds like such a long time ago! I have always loved to dance & music (that's why our hearts have beats I guess) & Twerk It Out classes had us intrigued. We were very nervous but after a minute or so that was replaced with laughter & smiles and heat throughout my body. I couldn't believe how much of a work out it was, a full body workout. That first class had me hooked & I have been going regularly ever since. It isn't only exercise its "me" time for this working mama & wifey, to unwind & have fun while working out & hey the Mr likes the moves too 😜Thanks for bringing twerk into my life x


TWERKFIT® Avondale

I started going to TWERKFit 2 years ago and I can honestly say it has changed my life and I look forward to my Wednesday fix. Hayley makes sure that every person feels comfortable and ensures that you get a good understanding of the technique so that you are able to advance through to more difficult moves. The classes cater for all ages and sizes and if anything like me, having a little bit extra to shake is actually a really good thing and the class has helped build up my confidence levels! We have a fun filled time and I have developed some really close friendships so much so that I would call them all my twerk sisters!


TWERKFIT® Takapuna

Become an instructor

We are looking for TWERKFit® instructors in all corners of NZ to join our #TWERKTEAMNZ™ and spread the twerk love! Anyone over the age of 18, who is confident, friendly and positive with a good level of fitness and twerk is invited to apply, so please get in touch now!