TWERKTeam Auckland

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Always a keen dancer, she originally created the TWERK IT OUT® idea in early 2014 after looking for a fun, different way to get more cardio into her fitness routine.
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Marian started attending Twerk It Out classes while living in Auckland as a pole and belly dance performer. She uses TWERKFit workouts as a way to increase muscle tone and learn new dance moves that can be incorporated into her other styles. Marians teaching style is fluid and inclusive of all abilities.
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Danz has been teaching since 2015 and has a Big Ol’ Booty that shakes for days…ask her to do a puppy tail feel your jaw drop.
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Mel's has taught pole classes since 2009, always with a focus on the sexy, sassy, playful side of dancing. She loves any kind of dancing which makes people feel good about themselves and thinks twerking is perfect for that!!
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Shelley is an ex-gymnast and is our handstand QUEEN! Anything bendy, balancey or upside downy....she can do!
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Demi's isolations are on lock and last time we measured she could do them alternating at 76 kmph... pretty sure that's a world record!
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Abbi is proof that big things come in little packages and runs like a duracell battery! She has been attending classes for nearly two years and literally lives for twerking!
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